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Digital infrared thermal imaging (DITI), otherwise known as thermography, can be an important tool for the early detection of diseases and infections, including cancer. At Integrative Health Associates in Greenville, South Carolina, the providers offer preventive health care services, including thermography, to help you take a proactive approach to your health and wellness. As part of their comprehensive medical services, the practice also specializes in integrative and chiropractic medicine. Thermography is yet another method they use to accurately diagnose a variety of health conditions so they can treat them effectively. Call or schedule online to learn about available thermography exams.

Thermography Q & A

What is thermography?

Thermography is a type of test the measures patterns of heat and blood flow in a particular area of your body. It’s a diagnostic technique that allows your provider to see changes in temperature that may indicate abnormal activity in an area. Typically, thermography is helpful for women as part of their routine breast cancer screening.

Thermography uses an infrared camera to detect heat patterns and blood flow in your tissues. DITI reveals temperature differences on the surface of your breasts to help indicate areas of abnormal cell growth like cancer. The science behind thermography is that as cancer cells multiply, they need more oxygen-rich blood to grow.

As the blood flow increases in a specific area, such as a tumor, the temperature around it increases as well. This elevated temperature shows up as areas of heat on the thermography test, so your provider can further examine the cause of these irregularities.

What are the advantages of thermography?

Women who get a yearly mammogram may be concerned about additional radiation and the painful experience of compressing breast tissue. With thermography, you experience neither of these. DITI does not put you at risk of radiation nor does it flatten your breast tissue, so it’s a comfortable, easy procedure that can be used in conjunction with other diagnostic testing procedures.

Other advantages of thermography include:

  • It’s noninvasive
  • It’s painless
  • It requires no contact with your body

Thermography can provide vital information regarding the health of your breasts, upper body, full body, or other particular areas of interest.


When would I need a thermography exam?

For women, in addition to being part of your yearly breast exam routine, and for men, as part of diagnostic testing, a thermography exam may can be a useful part of your treatment plan. If at any time your provider at Integrative Health Associates wishes to further examine an area of your body that may be causing pain or if there is reason to believe you may have a developing health condition, they may recommend a thermography exam. Reasons why you may need an exam include:

  • To identify an area of abnormality for further diagnostic testing
  • To detect early lesions
  • To monitor the extent of an existing lesion
  • To monitor the healing process of a particular area of your body

To learn more about thermography testing and DITI, call the office or schedule a consultation online.